How to Apply for a Russia Work Visa?

The application process for a Russia work visa consists of a few procedures. Find these procedures listed below, and follow them in the given order to ensure you have a successful application.

Apply for a Russia work visa, following these simple and quick steps:
  • Get a job in Russia. You cannot apply for a visa to Russia if you do not have a job there. Find a job and then continue with the visa application procedures.
  • Check the validity of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least another six months beyond the date you plan to leave Russia.
  • Get the Invitation to work in Russia(Visa Support). Your employer is responsible to get an invitation from the Russian Interior Ministry.
  • Complete the Russian work vias online application form. Find the form online at the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
  • Collect Russia work visa required documents. Find the list of the required documents for a Russia work visa below in this article.
  • Submit the Russian work visa application in person. You should apply at the Russian Consulate or Visa Processing Center in your country.
  • Pay the Russian work visa fee. The costs for a work visa range from over 30 EUR to a little over 500 EUR.
After you complete these steps, you should wait for the processing of your visa. The embassy may invite you to sit for an interview if they see it necessary. If the embassy decides to grant you with a visa, they will affix it on your passport in the form of a sticker.

Required Documents for Russia Work Visa

You will need to gather some documents as a part of your application. These documents should fulfill the criteria as set by the Russian authorities. Pay special attention to them, since they are crucial for a positive decision on your application.

The required documents for a Russia work visa are as follows:
  • Visa invitation of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation. The invitation is required in original, in either a paper form or an electronic form. Ask your Russian employer for this kind of invitation. Letter of Employer. You should submit a letter written and signed by your employer. It should.
  • Give full details on you, your destinations, dates, and purpose of the visit.
  • State the name of the inviting organization and contact details of the responsible person in Russia.
  • It should also make clear who will take financial responsibility for the trip.
  • HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate. This test must be taken within the last three months before the application. It should still be valid for 15- 30 days on the day of your application.
  • Health insurance policy document. This requirement is only for citizens of EU countries, Iran, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, and Switzerland. The document must be issued by a foreign insurance company or a Russian insurance company and contain.
  • Your full name.
  • The date when the agreement was signed.
  • The policy number and full details of the insurer.
  • The dates of validity. Note that for single entry and double entry visas the policy must cover the entire period of stay in Russia. On the other hand, for multiple-entry visas, it must cover the duration of the first trip.
  • The list of medical services that the insurance covers, including repatriation in case of death.
  • The geographical area coverage the insurance covers. It must include Russia.
  • For Australian citizens.
  • Detailed autobiography in the Russian language only.

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