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First – Foreign individuals, who are outside Iraq, and are interested in working in Iraq, should follow the following procedures in order to obtain a work permit:

  • Submit a written request to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs through the representatives of the Republic of Iraq abroad, or their attorney in Iraq, or the employer who wants to recruit them in Iraq.
  • The request should include all the required information and supporting documents, and should clearly indicate their name, nationality, type of work, duration of the work, and the employer’s name as well as the employer’s full address.
  • The Department of Labour and Vocational Training, or its divisions in the other provinces, will check all the legal conditions and the obtainment of the work permit in Iraq then will approach the competent authorities and issue an entry visa to this foreigner individual. When the workers enter Iraq, they are required to go to the Department of Labour and Vocational Training within 7 days from the date of their entry in order to finalize the procedures for obtaining the work permit.

Iraq Work Visa Requirements

When applying for a work visa in a foreign country, a certain list of documents is necessary, which varies according to nationality. For example, the Iraq work visa requirements for Indian citizens will be different from the Iraq work visa for Pakistani.

Here’s a list of general documents required for an Iraq work visa:
  • Completed Iraq visa application form
  • Passport with validity of at least six months from date of entry in Iraq
  • Two passport size photos
  • Official employment contract
  • Payment of Iraq work visa fees

Iraq Work Visa Application Process

The application process may seem a bit complicated. It is first the employer’s role to begin issuing work permits for foreign employees in Iraq. Then, foreigners should receive an official employment letter from Iraqi authorities or respective Ministries. The process of applying for the Iraq work visa is as under:
  • The employer must send out an employment offer to the employee.
  • The employer must also write to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs requesting the hiring of a foreign employee. This should also include all information about employees like their nationality, address, type, and duration of work.
  • This letter should also include all the necessary documents for Iraq’s work visa requirements.
  • The Labour and Vocational Training department will check the legal conditions and then issue the entry visa in the country.
  • Within seven days of arrival in Iraq, the foreign employee must visit the Department of Labour and Vocational Training to finalize the procedures for obtaining the work permit. Employees can apply for both residence and work permits hereon.

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